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Module Toolkit for AI:
Integrating AI into various components

2024, Independent Project

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With the rise of generative AI, I've started considering how to incorporate AI into existing user flows and components. This ongoing project focuses on continuously refining and iterating on how design can enhance user experience through the lens of AI utilization.

The project adopts a question-driven format, inspired by daily work and observations, aiming to stimulate brainstorming for potential solutions.

User Input - Search & ChatBot

  • How might we integrate internet search capabilities with chatbot interactions?

  • What would an integrated and comprehensive answer-seeking experience entail?

  • In what ways can we enhance the existing chat experience to include a broader range of actions?

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User Input - Modifications

  • How might user further modify AI output during text-based interactions?

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AI Output - Actions 

  • How might AI trigger more actions during text-based interaction?

  • What is the process for connecting AI with a third-party app?

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AI Output - Suggestions

  • How might we offer multiple pathways to find a resolution while AI doesn't understand user's query?

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Frame 97.png
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