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Design with Emerging Technologies

Currently leading the experience design for Assist, a remote collaboration tool at Magic Leap, my approach is anchored in comprehensive research and a strong sense of curiosity. I focus on people, their emotions, and the creation of experiences that harmoniously integrate digital advancements into our physical, social, and natural realms.


I focus my design work on enhancing emerging technologies to be more intuitive and emotionally engaging, navigating the challenges of integrating cutting-edge innovations with market needs. Interested in connecting? Find me on LinkedIn or ADPlist.

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Upcoming & Recent


Guest Lecturer

San Jose State University (SJSU)

VR/AR Club


Exhibition: Mellow

Global Healing Art Digital Exhibition


Exhibition: Illusion Synesthesia

Asian Contemporary Artists Alliance (ACAA)


Master Class Speaker

Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF)


Exhibition: Pan Gu

Xingcheng International Contemporary Art Festival

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